Apple will offer discounts in Japan on January 2

Apple announced, through its official Japanese website, that it will hold a shopping event on the day January 2 (next Thursday), when the company will offer gift cards of up to ¥ 24,000 (about ~ R $ 880) when purchasing selected products.

Details on which products will participate in the offer and how much discount will be made available for each of them have not been disclosed; however, last year, gift cards offered discounts for iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple Watches, Apple TVs, Beats headphones and AirPods.

Japan Apple website

The promotion will be valid for products purchased at the Japanese Apple Store Online or at the company’s physical stores across the country. In practice, it is as if the event were a sexta-feira Negra out of season to celebrate the New Year – the only difference is that it will take place exclusively in Japan and only on 2/1.

Previously, Apple used to run a “Lucky Bags” promotion in Japan, where it offered customers a combo of products and accessories selected at a special price – but since 2015, this offer no longer occurs.

via MacRumors

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