Apple will invest more than R $ 1.5 billion in two new Research & Development centers in China

Apple reports revenue of $ 42.4 billion and profit of $ 7.8 billion in its third fiscal quarter of 2016 [atualizado]

As I said a few months ago, we can complain as much as we want (and quite rightly, sincerely) about the fact that Apple is going through an accommodation phase, without presenting news that will fill your eyes and be content to update the line on time. which has basically remained the same since the launch of the Apple Watch. What we can’t say, however, is that she’s not trying: Apple’s spending on Research and Development it has never been so great, and with this, the possibility of seeing new technologies and good ideas in the future grows substantially.

Want more proof of that? The company revealed today (in Mandarin, good luck) that will invest more than 3.5 billion (~ R $ 1.57 billion) in two new research and development centers in China, more specifically in the cities of Shanghai and Suzhou. The idea is to take advantage of the vigorous technological development of the Chinese territory to improve its supply and production chain in the country, in addition to attracting students / graduates from a series of universities nearby; Ma has even entered into a partnership with some local educational institutions to offer internship programs.

Apple logo glass cylinder center of Shanghai store

Apple’s senior vice president of hardware engineering, Dan Riccio, spoke briefly about the announcement:

We look forward to working with more local partners and academic institutions through the expansion of R&D centers in China. We are honored to have access to these excellent talents and the lively business spirit of the region, where our developers and suppliers will work together.

If you’re lost, Apple has already announced two other R&D centers in China, in the cities of Beijing and Shenzhen; all four, including these two newly revealed, are expected to go into operation by the end of the year.

In today’s statement, Apple says it maintains 12,000 direct jobs in China, but that it ?created and supports? 4.8 million (!) Jobs in these countries, 1.8 million are iOS app developers. In other words: building good relationships with one of the biggest powers (and markets) in the world is never a bad idea, apparently.

(via Cult of Mac)