Apple will invest almost R $ 2 billion in new factory of Mini-LED and microLED screens in Taiwan


THE Economic Daily News informed [Google Tradutor] that Apple plans to invest around NT $ 10 billion (~ R $ 1.9 billion) in building a factory in Hsinchu Science and Industrial Parkin Taiwan.

Still according to the vehicle, Apple is supposed to use the factory to produce screens Mini-LED and microLED, which should be used in basically all the company’s products in the not too distant future.

If everything goes as planned, this will be the first time that Taiwan will play such an important role in creating displays for Apple – until then, Apple has worked with Korean and Japanese companies.

The new plant will be called “Longsan Factory” and, according to records, will be run by Zhang Shichang (former director of Tongbao Optoelectronics, which was incorporated into Innolux).

In a very short way, both Mini-LED and microLED technology use different light emitters than those present in OLED screens, being thinner, brighter and energetically more economical. In addition, these technologies are also less susceptible to the phenomenon of burn-in.

via MacRumors