Apple will invest $ 100 million to produce Macs in the United States from 2013 [atualizado]

Last week we highlighted that Tim Cook (Apple CEO) gave an exclusive interview to NBC.

Now, part of the conversation is available on the website of the program “Rock Center”, by anchor Brian Willians the full interview will be shown tonight in the United States.

(Video removed.)

Next year we are going to bring some Mac production to the US.

We have been working on this for a long time and now we are close.

This will happen in 2013.

We are very proud.

We could have done it faster, maybe just the assembly, but more broadly, because we want to do something more substantial.

So, we will literally invest more than $ 100 million.

This does not mean that Apple will do this alone, but we will work with people and we will invest our money.

The video above brings an aperitif of the interview and already arrives revealing an important plan for Ma: in 2013, the manufacture of Macs is possibly not the whole, but much of it will be done in American territory.

This explains why we are seeing “Assembled in USA” (“Assembled in the USA”) on some of the new iMacs that are on sale.

As we can see, the interview also addresses other issues such as what would happen if iPhones were produced because of the problem or the price, but the knowledge and scale for the production of the device and the differences between Tim Cook and Steve Jobs.


THE Bloomberg reported today that Foxconn is even considering setting up factories in the United States. "We are looking to produce more in the US because, in general, customers want more to be done there," said Louis Woo, a spokesman for Foxconn, in a telephone interview.

Foxconn's expansion plans had already been commented on by the DigiTimes Sometimes they get it right and, according to Woo, the big supply chain challenge.

There, in China, everything is closer and more accessible, often just a few kilometers away.

In addition, the time / work for any engineering talent on American soil is much more expensive than in the Asian country.

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