Apple will improve user privacy control, allowing you to download and / or erase all your data in one place

Internet user privacy is a hot topic than ever since the Facebook scandal broke out a few weeks ago. Now, coincidence or not, Apple is announcing a change in privacy and user data controls with a clear purpose: to put even more control over consumers' information.

As reported by Bloomberg, Ma will soon make a major change to the Apple ID control page, adding various options for controlling and deleting information.

Apple ID website

Users will be able to quickly download data from all company services, such as iCloud files, contacts, photos, calendars, Apple Music preferences and more; It will also be possible to temporarily disable your Apple account, correct personal information or permanently delete your registration in one click.

The move represents a good simplification of the way that Apple handles user data. Currently, in order to suspend an account or obtain inaccessible data, consumers need to contact the company; soon, everything can be done in a few moments with a few clicks.

To keep up with the coming news, the new versions of iOS and tvOS released today also bring news from the privacy point of view: now, every time a system service is using or requiring the user's personal information, a special icon will appear on the screen explaining this.

Officially, the reason for the change is a new European Union regulation that obliges companies that hold user data to make these controls available directly to them; for this reason, the changes will first arrive in the Old World, at the beginning of May, and will be expanded to other continents gradually, in the following months.

Unofficially, of course, we can interpret the update as a slap with a kid's glove on the face of Facebook and also Google, Ma's main rival. Adding that to Tim Cook's statement (that Apple will never ‚Äútraffic your users ‚ÄĚ), we have a very clear scenario in which Cupertino is striving to further strengthen its image of a‚Äú clean ‚ÄĚcompany from the point of view of user privacy at a time when the subject is increasingly visible.