Apple will hold special event on March 27, focused on education

Apple has just invited the international press to a special event scheduled for the day March 27, focused in education.

The invitation mentions “new creative ideas for teachers and students”, so it is natural to expect news for the Classroom app (Classroom), maybe some other app and / or new ones frameworks, the officialization of the “Apple Books” (?) and, by the time of year and the very nature of the event, the keynote will most likely also be the stage for the announcement of new iPads.

In Apple's message, she simply invites the press as follows: “Let’s take a field trip”, something like “Let's go on a tour”.

Interestingly, this time the event will be in the city of Chicago more precisely, in the auditorium of Lane Technical College Prep High School. The presentation will start at 10:00 am at the local time (noon, at the time of Brasilia), and we will have full coverage at ( clear).

via The Verge