Apple will double the size of its iconic store on New York’s Fifth Avenue

Apple will double the size of its iconic store on New York's Fifth Avenue

As we already talked about on the site, Apple Fifth Avenue it is temporarily closed for renovation; meanwhile, in order not to let anyone from one of its most iconic stores, the company set up a space right next door (more precisely behind), where the traditional FAO Schwarz toy store, which closed its doors in 2015, operated.

Apple Fifth Avenue Notice

L today. Here tomorrow.Visit us at our temporary location just behind this store.

No one knew for sure Apple’s plans for this renewal today! According to the Bloomberg, Apple will more than double the store size, from 2,972m to 7,153m!

We are not talking about speculation, since the information was disclosed by Douglas Linde, president of Boston Properties, during the conference on the financial results of the company that happened today the joint venture company of the General Motors building (Fifth Avenue, No. 767), where it is located the store.

What brand would not like to have a store in that area, right? But not quite: because of the high fees charged, several tenants (with FAO Schwarz) decided to close their doors; in parallel, the site suffered a lot during the presidential political campaign period as Donald Trump maintained his base at the Trump Tower, which is a few meters away. Result: police barriers, pedestrian traffic limit, etc. which certainly had a negative impact on trade.

Boston Properties had been working to occupy the empty spaces and hinted that it had been negotiating this expansion with Apple for at least a year.

Apparently, the renovation will take some time (we heard somewhere around 18-24 months, in total); on the other hand, when everything is ready, certainly Apple Fifth Avenue will once again be one of the coolest stores in the company.

(via Patently Apple)