Apple will donate to Australia’s fire-fighting efforts

Incêndios na Austrália

Since September, the east coast of Australia it has suffered intense forest fires from a heat wave coming from the west of the country.

Although fire is relatively common there at this time of year, there are no records of fires in the proportions of those seen in 2019: according to estimates, an area of 3 million hectares (equivalent to the surface of Belgium) has already been devastated due to the natural disaster.

Meanwhile, large cities like Sydney suffer from smoke from fires, generating maximum emergency alerts in much of Australia; there are already records of 10 deaths and more than 800 homes destroyed.

As it usually does in such cases, Apple – Tim Cook, specifically – said, stating that it will make a donation to help efforts to contain fires and help victims.

The CEO of Apple posted the following message on Twitter:

Our feelings are with those impacted by forest fires in Australia and with the courageous force of volunteers who are struggling with fire never before seen at these levels in the country – please be careful.

Apple will make a donation to support humanitarian efforts.

Although half of the fires in the country have already been extinguished by firefighters and volunteers, officials are concerned about the arrival of a new heat wave that will affect southern Australia.

As a result, Apple’s donation – whatever its value – comes at a good time.

We hope everything will be fine … as far as possible, of course.