Apple will continue to support "classic" MacBook Air

Apple will continue to support "classic" MacBook Air

Apple has a relatively simple to understand repair policy. If the product was discontinued less than five years ago, the company is required to support it (translating: it needs to have replacement parts / units in case you need any repairs). On the other hand, if the product has already completed five years of life since its "burial", then it is considered "classic". This means that Apple does not offer more hardware service to it, however, an Apple pilot program can change this scenario.

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According to the MacRumors, the 11 ″ and 13 ″ MacBooks Air Launched in mid-2012 will join this list of classic products now, on August 31st. This means that Apple is no longer obliged to offer repair for these machines. However, Apple has decided to include the notebook in a recently launched pilot program which allows such repairs to continue even in the “classic” period (provided parts are available).

According to internal documents, Apple said the 2012 MacBook Air models will remain eligible for service at its stores and Apple Authorized Service Centers worldwide until August 31, 2020, two years after the notebook is rated “ in the US and Japan, customers may even perform repairs by mailing their machines. In addition to the 2012 MacBook Air, only the 2011 iMac is part of the program, and in the case of the desktop, the pilot program is valid only in the US and Turkey.

Obviously, if parts are unavailable for a specific repair, stores and CSAAs are instructed to refuse service. Everything suggests that Apple has plenty of spare parts for these Macs and does not want to waste them simply by not offering repair for the machines. In this way everyone wins: Apple (which does a service and wins for it), the customer (who can repair the Mac) and the environment (after all, even with a good recycling policy, some of these parts would inevitably become garbage. ).