Apple will celebrate International Women’s Day with special in-store sessions, tips on the App Store and more

Apple will celebrate International Women’s Day with special in-store sessions, tips on the App Store and more

At the next 8 day, the world will celebrate the International Women’s Day, special date to deliver flowers, buy chocolate and praise the “real” feminine essence to celebrate the struggle of female emancipation, renew the strength to continue seeking a more just world for all women and, for men, reflect on what we have ( or we haven’t) done to collaborate. Apple, as usual, will also do its part – in its own way, of course.

Throughout the month, several Apple stores around the world will hold special sessions of the Today at Apple (including in Brazil), entitled “She Creates” (translated to “Create like them”). The idea, of course, is to put women in the spotlight so they can share tips and teachings on a range of topics, such as photography, technology, design, business, music, cinema, programming and more; at the same time, they will also give a demonstration of their own work.

There will be sessions for all tastes: certain stores will have the presence of famous figures, such as the singer Meghan Trainor, the designer Carla Fernández and one of the leaders of the 2017 Women’s March, Linda Sarsour. Several stores will have musical sessions highlighting the work of the singer and songwriter Alicia Keys, where participants can deconstruct and remix their new song, “Underdog”, in GarageBand; we will also have artistic sessions with the works of painters and photographers from New York, Tokyo and Warsaw. The sessions can be checked / scheduled on this page.

In addition to Apple Stores, Apple will also highlight women’s production in other of its domains. THE App Store, for example, will bring apps and games created by women daily in the “App do Dia” and “Jogo do Dia” sections, with the right to selected stories and short biographies in the “Today” tab.

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In-app Apple TV, Maçã organized several collections focused on female production, highlighting women who – in the words of the company – are “changing the narrative through the stories they tell in their films and series”. We have special lists of rising filmmakers, films directed by / starring women, rebel icons and recent iconic moments on television, for example. All of these collections can be found here.

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And there’s more: on the 8th, the Apple Podcasts will inaugurate a collection called “Changing the Narrative” (“Changing the Narrative”), highlighting programs created and presented by women and / or bringing stories and female perspectives.

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THE Apple Books, in turn, will bring special content in which celebrated women will recommend their favorite books.

Finally, as already announced, users and users – all of them – of the Apple Watch will earn a special badge (and special stickers for iMessage) for International Women’s Day 2020 if they perform a walking, running or wheelchair exercise for 20 minutes or more using the Exercise app (Workout) or any other that saves data to the Health app (Health).

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