Apple will be more transparent about its business in Ireland after tax problems


Although the malaise between Apple and the European Union – on the company’s tax debt in the Ireland – has not been resolved, the Cupertino giant has signaled that it intends to start resolving some pending issues in the country, starting with the details of its accounts.

In this sense, a new report by The Irish Times shows that Apple will be a little more transparent about its finances from now on.

According to the publication, Apple changed its operational status in the country from “unlimited” to “limited” in order to register its complete tax accounts, which means that the company will have to report its annual accounts accurately (only in relation to Irish operations), making it easier to calculate tax payments at the correct rate. It is not known, however, whether Apple was asked to make this change or whether it took the initiative on its own.

Apple’s top six institutions in Ireland have started to re-register with the Company Registration Office as limited companies, renouncing unlimited status. The company’s records this week suggest that the move is underway at Apple Operations Europe, Apple Sales Ireland, Apple Sales International, Apple Distribution International, Apple Operations and Apple Data Services Ireland.

As we said, this happens almost four years after the EU decided that the tax deal between Apple and Ireland was illegal, ordering the company to pay 13 billion euros in back taxes; as we reported, both the company and the irish government appealed the decision, but that has not yet been resolved.

More recently, the Apple CEO, Tim Cook, called for a tax reform, but today’s news also proves that this (yet?) has not been met.

via 9to5Mac