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Apple will be able to produce original podcasts for its platform.

O Podcasts It is an Apple application that exists without making a lot of noise: it is there, performs its function with relative dexterity (though without much of the resources of more advanced competitors) and does not generate money for Ma. This, however, may change soon.

According to a report published today by Bloomberg, Apple has plans to, as it did with Apple TV, anabolize its podcasting platform, give it more visibility and publicity through higher investments and even the production of original content.

There is still no more information about the strategy that Ma would adopt in this untapped market for her, but the idea here is just to go after its biggest competitor in the segment. O SpotifyAfter all, they are making significant investments in the podcast area, with original programs from American personalities and the acquisition of area companies. In fact, only the report of the Bloomberg Already made Spotify shares around 2% which shows that the market really sees potential in the arrival of Apple to the segment.

On Apple's side, the renewed focus on podcasts can be seen in new developments: MacOS is about to win a dedicated app for programs, and Ma launched last year a dedicated app for podcast producers, where production statistics can be accompanied.

Apple is unlikely to cover for a supposed platform of original podcasts: the catalog is more likely to be made available for free (or perhaps with Apple Music subscription) and its main function is to attract more customers to Apple's digital content ecosystem. .

The result of all this, however, is time only. Let's wait.

via MacRumors