Apple will be able to launch iPads with Face ID, cheaper MacBook Air, Watch with larger screen… all in 2018!

Apple will be able to launch iPads with Face ID, cheaper MacBook Air, Watch with larger screen… all in 2018!

Our friend Ming Chi Kuo Until he rehearsed an exit, but did not: the analyst remains a proactive and reasonably accurate source on Apple's next steps, now ahead of TF International Securities.

And your note released today to investors basically a stuffed document of spoilers (which may or may not be real, remember) the next months of Ma

IPad X ConceptIPad X concept

The grade obtained by the MacRumorssays Apple will make at least three major releases in the second half of 2018 in addition to the announcement of the new iPhones, of course. These would be new iPads equipped with TrueDepth and Face ID cameras, a new cheaper entry-level MacBook Air, and, finally, a new generation of Apple Watch with larger screens in similar housings, as we have commented here.

Apple Watch Series 4 Rumor

There is no more information about the possible products to be released, but Kuo also gave tips on the likely line of iPhones that will be presented in the second half. As we already know, the analyst (and much of the world of rumors) bets on the announcement of three iPhones, one with a 6.1-inch LCD screen (and iPhone X design), a successor to the same-sized iPhone X updated components) and an “iPhone X Plus” (the most expensive of all, with 6.5 inch AMOLED display).

Supposed line of iPhones for 2018Supposed line of iPhones for 2018

According to Kuo, the 6.1 inch model (considered inbound) cost the same as the iPhones 8 currently cost in the range of $ 650-750. Because it has features similar to those of the iPhone X, such as Face ID, this encourages a large portion of consumers to upgrade to the new device, which, according to the analyst, goes into production shortly after their brothers. All of them, however, should be announced and already sold by September.

Kuo also spoke of 2019 iPhonesStating that the models will have "striking innovations" but it will not be possible to know anything about them until September or October, when their first details will begin to appear in the production chain. He believes these 2019 models will still see the LCD version outperform the AMOLED versions in sales, however.

The analyst also opined about the current trade war between the United States and China, saying that Apple should not be directly affected by the dispute but that it should still be cautious that Chinese consumers should not reject the brand. for an alleged anti-American sentiment.

Finally, we still have a brief confabulation about Apple's competition in the most expensive segments of the market. According to Kuo, the company's only competition there with itself is that Ma needs to offer new models that please consumers to accelerate replacement demands. The analyst believes that the slow growth of the iPhone in recent times is a direct result of Apple not presenting convincing arguments for its loyal customers to switch phones since the iPhone 6.

Let's see which of the predictions will come true