Interior de loja da Apple em Xangai (China)

Apple will accept Mac trade-in at its US and Canadian stores [atualizado]

Interior de loja da Apple em Xangai (China)

Although it has never been implemented in Brazilian lands, the program Trade In Apple is traditional in several countries. In it, Apple customers can deliver their iPhones, iPads or Apple Watches to the company and receive credit for the purchase of a new device, in an amount that varies according to the model and condition of the device.

The Macs also participate in the trade-in the company for a long time, but only via the internet; it is not possible to take the computers to an Apple store to receive credit in person. For now this is about to change – at least United States and in Canada.

According to the Bloomberg, Apple has already started informing store employees in both countries that it will accept Macs in the trade-in presential. The change will take effect next Monday (6/15), in the USA, and next Thursday (6/18) in Canada.

The idea, of course, is to encourage the exchange of Macs among your customers – it is much easier, after all, to take the machine to a store (and receive credit for the purchase of a new computer a few minutes later) than to carry it out. the process over the internet, having to pack the device, send by mail, wait for the company’s assessment and only then receive a gift card.

Anyway, the new modality of trade-in it will still take a few weeks or months to run at full steam – after all, a large number of Apple stores in both countries remain closed due to the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Still, much better, isn’t it?

Update, for Rafael Fischmann Jun 17, 2020 at 18:59

As predicted, the thing is in effect as of today.

For those interested, it appears that this is now official. Macs are no longer listed as online only.