Apple Watches Series 4 batteries are smaller than previous ones, actually

Apple Watches Series 4 batteries are smaller than previous ones, actually

On Monday, we brought here the dismantling of the Apple Watch Series 4 It is made by iFixit and we highlight the comment made by the firm that the new watches had larger batteries than their previous versions. Well, apparently not quite the case.

IFixit, in its teardown, said the new handsets had approximately 4% larger batteries compared to their predecessors, but the claim is based on comparing a 38mm Apple Watch Series 3 with a 44mm Series 4, which is obviously not appropriate.

Apple Watch Series 4 Disassembly

To remedy the doubts, the MacRumors brought up a document (little known, by the way) maintained and updated often by Apple called Product Information Sheet (PDF) is a product information table that, for legal and safety reasons, holds technical data on the batteries of all devices manufactured by the company. Here we can make a real comparison about the battery capabilities of Apple Watches.

While the Series 3 version of the 38mm watch features a 1.07 watt-hour battery, the 40mm Series 4 (which equivalent) has a 0.86 watt hours. For larger models, the older version has a 1.34 watt-hour battery, against 1.12 watt hours in the latest model. That is, we have a drop of 19.7% on smaller models and 16.5% in the largest.

The reason, though not officially explained, is not hard to guess: by working with a thinner case, Apple was forced to shrink the size of the batteries in the new Watches. The good thing is that, even with the drop, the new watches have similar autonomy to their predecessors, due to processor, screen and system optimizations like the iPhone XS over X.

We will see over time whether Ma's promise is reflected in reality.