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Apple Watch will be launched in Austria, Denmark and Ireland on the 25th; Brazil is not yet confirmed

Since the end of July (in New Zealand, Russia and Turkey), Apple has not taken the Watch to any new country. That will change next Friday.

On September 25, Apple launched its watch on Austria, at Denmark and on Ireland the three sites have already been updated with the date. Belgium's store opened yesterday with Watches on display, but they are still unavailable for purchase there.

Even with the official prices already disclosed in the Brazil, for now the main Watch page here still only indicates Available in 2015. We will see if this changes in the coming days, after all, it would make sense to be on the same wave of these three European countries.

While prices in Brazil range from R $ 2,609 (Watch Sport 38mm) to R $ 121,500 (Watch Edition 38mm in pink gold color, with modern clasp bracelet) in the prices seen, with 10% discount, in Austria they go from 399 at 18,000 euros (~ R $ 1,790 to ~ R $ 80,000), in Denmark from 3,099 to 140,000 crowns (~ R $ 1,850 to ~ R $ 83,600) and in Ireland from 429 to 18,500 euros (~ R $ 1,910 to ~ R $ 82,500).

(via MacRumors)