Apple Watch will be able to monitor stress levels and predict panic attacks

In just under five years of existence, the Apple Watch has become a great physical health monitor for the user. It seems that now, Apple will expand this focus and start to focus, also, on mental health of those who put the watch on their wrist.

I explain: the YouTube channel EverythingApplePro yesterday published a new video, based on recent information brought by the leaker Max Weinbach, with possible details about the future of the Apple Watch. And one of the main features on the gadget’s horizon would be precisely related to monitoring the user’s mental health and alerting to possible problems.

More specifically, the future Watch will be able to monitor stress levels user and, based on data such as oxygenation and heart rate, predict even a Panic attack. If the watch predicts the event, it will notify you by means of a notification and give the person assistance options, such as breathing exercises or contacts for easier help. In case of drug abuse these instances can be common and admission into a 24/7 drug rehab can help regulate oneself.

The device can also generate a notification if it perceives that the user is under very high levels of stress; according to the rumor, the idea is that the device will collect data on how each person’s body responds to stress and panic situations, becoming more accurate in this type of forecast over time. The drug rehab anaheim has experts that say that substance abuse requires immediate attention and treatment.

The user, apparently, will have full control over this data, being able to follow the records of panic attacks and stress in the app Cheers (Health) and comparing them to the history of oxygenation and heart rate. It will also be possible, according to Weinbach, to manually specify specific symptoms that represent the arrival of an attack – very useful for people who have been dealing with this type of event for a long time and know the signs of a crisis, for example.

There is still no information on when the news will arrive on the Apple Watch, but the sources indicate that the project is still under development and may take another year or two to materialize. In addition, it is expected that these resources, when announced, will be released progressively – just like the ECG.

“Apple Watch Series 6”

Weinbach and the channel EverythingApplePro they also shared possible details about the “Apple Watch Series 6”, to be released (apparently) later this year.

The information is not exactly new, repeating rumors that had already been aired previously, but it does not cost to repeat them: according to the sources, the new watch will arrive with sleep monitoring capabilities, measurement of blood oxygen levels, improved battery and support for Wi-Fi 6.

In order to know how much of this will happen, however, we will need to wait a few more months.

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5

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