Apple Watch turns five; check out some curiosities

It looks like it was yesterday, but the Apple Watch is turning five today, April 24th. Since then, the accessory gained new functions, became more independent from the iPhone, and debuted features that can literally save lives, becoming the world’s best-selling watch.

Some fun facts to celebrate the 5 years of #AppleWatch Here’s a photo taken from the team on launch day, it’s me at the center. (The beard grows old, but my wife @bella_bongiorno won’t let me leave the house without her)

To mark the date, several publications are recalling stories involving the smartwatch. But the designer Imran Chaudhri, one of the team members responsible for creating the watch, decided to share curiosities about the product design process with his Twitter followers.

Among them are initial sketches of the app screen (nicknamed by many as “Colmeia”). According to him, the Digital Crown it gave a dimension to the home screen, allowing users to scroll through the interface.

One of the features that was never successful on Watch was the Digital Touch, which allows users to send drawings or even their heartbeat to their contacts. According to Imran, the technology was initially called ET (or Electronic Touch), as it is a new form of emotional connection.

Perhaps one of the most curious points cited by the designer is the fact that the first prototype of the watch was built on a sixth generation iPod nano (which, at the time, was already used by many as a watch).

According to him, the idea shown to the team consisted of a device that would be a kind of notification center, with access to the personal assistant Siri. Finally, he regretted not having had time to share the idea with Steve Jobs.

He also shared that he always liked simple bracelets, and that the mechanism for the loop bracelet was an evolution of the Velcro Speedmaster, used by astronauts on the Apollo mission.

Other curiosities cited by the designer include the process of creating the “Movement” dial (in which real butterflies were used).

And the fact that the “Solar” dial was created by him so that Muslims could observe Ramadan, following the position of the sun throughout the day.

IFixit (a famous repair company that disassembles Apple products to reveal its interior) focused on showing the evolution of the product’s innards, in addition to remembering that the first generation of the watch scored a 5 out of 10 in the repairability score – citing the fact that the smart watch uses proprietary screws and welded connectors.

Finally, the HODINKEE (famous publication focused on mechanical watches – which has already interviewed Jony Ive) recalled the five generations of the Apple Watch, the impact on the traditional wristwatch industry, and Apple’s partnerships with brands like Nike and Hermès.

On an even more basic level, the Apple Watch caught the public’s attention on watches that far exceed anything else.

Stephen Pulvirent, editing manager and operations director at HODINKEE

The fact is that, five years later, the Apple Watch went from being just an accessory to being a device with its own functions – which has become an important market for Apple, so much so that its size can already be compared to that of a company the size of Fortune 150.

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5

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