Apple Watch strap allows you to control your device with gestures

Mudra Band para Apple Watch

After so many years, Apple has already managed to develop the watchOS enough for it to be intuitive and easy to navigate with your fingers (and the eventual intervention of Digital Crown). Still, if you feel the need to add another element of interaction with the watch, I imagine youā€™ll like the Mudra Band.

The project, which has already raised more than four times its funding target at Indiegogo, has an ambitious proposal: through a special bracelet for the Apple Watch, the user can control certain aspects of the device with manual gestures. With this, you can wear the watch with one hand busy, driving or wearing gloves.

The technology behind the Mudra Band is interesting: the bracelet brings electrodes that are in direct contact with your skin and capture the signals sent from the brain to the hand. From there, machine learning tools come into play to distinguish movements ā€“ the accessory already comes with pre-configured movements for each action, but you can configure it to your liking if you want.

The bracelet supports several gestures in three different categories: the discreet are those momentary, such as the movement of a single finger or a quick touch between the thumb and forefinger; the continuos are those that register variation in the same movement, such as the application of force on an object or on another finger. Finally, the gestures air-touch they are done by moving your fingers in the air, as in a ā€œslide to unlockā€.

But what exactly can you control with Mudra Band? We have a few options: initially, you can command your music to play, adjust the volume, accept or reject a call, or dismiss a notification ā€“ more actions will be added over time.

The bracelet can be worn on the right or left hand; it is adjustable to work satisfactorily with pulses of all types and sizes. In the box, an adapter allows you to attach the Mudra Band to watches of any size (38mm to 44mm), but only Apple Watch Series 3 and later are compatible.

It is worth noting that it communicates via Bluetooth with the iPhone, not the Apple Watch, so the battery of the watch is not affected by its operation. The autonomy of the Mudra Band, according to the manufacturers, is two days in common use.

The idea is really interesting, and the first videos of the Mudra Band in operation are promising. It remains to be seen, now, if the manufacturer will be able to deliver the promise on a large scale ā€“ the forecast is that shipments will start in December 2020, with mass manufacturing in March next year. Those interested can contribute with a minimum of $ 180 Indiegogo to guarantee your unit.

tip from Miguel Dornaes