Apple Watch Siri interrompe previsão de meteorologista e o contradiz ao vivo

Apple Watch Siri interrupts weather forecast and contradicts it live

What would your reaction be if you were talking to someone else, and suddenly your smartwatch would interrupt you and correct your speech? Because it happened recently on a live broadcast on English television.

During a weather forecast on the channel BBC News, the presenter and meteorologist Tomasz Schafernaker wore on his wrist a Apple watch, and when he reported about the recent snowfalls in the Minneapolis and Denver regions of the United States, and the possibility of snow in Europe, his smartwatch's virtual assistant, Crab, automatically turned on to contradict the weather report.


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After the curious case, both the meteorologist and the newscaster laughed, and despite the information coming from Siri, Tomasz reaffirmed his weather report, saying that Apple's virtual assistant might not know the right place she had said earlier.

In his personal Twitter account, Tomasz said he never summoned Siri, and this was the first time she was activated on his Apple Watch.

Talking about the case, Apple Watch allows you to activate Siri in a variety of ways, such as pressing and holding the Digital Crown, or simply moving your wrist up and saying "Hey Siri."

From Apple Watch Series 3, just raise your wrist and start talking to Siri without having to say "Hey Siri" to activate it.

Apple calls this feature "Get up to talk", and that option must have turned Siri on while Thomasz presented his weather report, as he gestured a lot as he spoke.

This makes it very likely that Thomasz Schafernaker will stop using his Apple Watch during his live reports and broadcasts for some time, thus preventing Siri from correcting him again.

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