«Apple Watch Series 5» will arrive in the last quarter, according to an analyst

"Apple Watch Series 5" will arrive in the last quarter, according to an analyst

The rumor machine about the new iPhones is in full swing, but do you know who’s really quiet? The chain of speculation about the “Apple Watch Series 5” (the most likely name for the gadget). If the logic of the last few years is repeated, we will see the new generation of the watch now at the end of the year, but we still haven’t heard much about it – until now.

Our forever friend, Ming-Chi Kuo, pronounced itself today on the new generation of the device in a note sent to investors. According to the TF International Securities analyst, Apple will indeed launch the “Apple Watch Series 5” on northern hemisphere autumn, which means any date between the end of September and the end of December.

With that, we can expect a presentation of future watches both in the special event of the new iPhones (which, it seems, will take place on September 10) and in the possible event of October, which is supposed to present new iPads and Macs – but all that, of course, it’s pure speculation, and we can only really know what will happen with an official Apple announcement.

Kuo also said that Apple will start using OLED screens manufactured by Japan Display in the new Watches. This transition will be gradual, representing around 15-20% in this first year and reaching 70-80% of the total panels in 2021. We do not know if Japan Display screens represent any significant change in relation to the OLED panels used in watches. today, however.

The analyst also made a prediction about the OLED screens of future iPhones: According to him, Apple will start using panels from LG in the 2019 models and will gradually increase their proportion in the manufactured devices; eventually, another supplier, BOE, will be added to the mix – all to get rid of Samsung’s exclusive dependency.

via iClarified