Apple Watch Series 5 40mm Battery Has New Design and Larger Capacity [atualizado]

Yesterday, we brought here the dismantling of the 44mm Apple Watch Series 5 made by iFixit And we assert that the new watch model was basically identical to its predecessor, the Series 4. The maximum holds but things are a bit different considering the smaller watch model.

I explain: iFixit opened today the 40mm Apple Watch Series 5, with no hope of finding any difference from its predecessor. Then came the surprise: in the smaller model of the watch, there is in fact an internal difference between the two generations and it is exactly in the drums.

The new component has a new metal housingprobably aluminum, which sounds a lot like a patent that Apple itself published a few years ago and describes an "efficient battery enclosure". IFixit speculates that the new, more space-efficient design is proven by the fact that the new battery is capable of 10% higher relative to the Apple Watch Series 4 component.

40mm Apple Watch Series 5 Aluminum Housing BatteryNew left battery

In addition, the new battery has some additional benefits: it is much sturdier, avoiding punctures or openings in repair processes. The change may also cause Apple to decrease the use of stickers inside its devices, as the updated component can be affixed with screws instead of glue.

The question now is why Apple implemented the change in the 40mm Apple Watch Series 5 only – the larger model, as we have seen, still comes with the traditional battery. Apparently, those who like bigger watches will have to wait another generation to receive the updated battery.

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Update by Eduardo Marques 09/26/2019 s 21:09

IFixit published the video with the disassembly of the 40mm Apple Watch Series 5, check below: