Apple Watch Series 4; the notable little (review)

Apple Watch Series 4; the notable little (review)

The small notable of Apple is back with a more sophisticated design and new features. Is it time to invest in a smart watch? Check out our review of the Apple Watch Series 4.

O Apple Watch Series 4 represents the biggest evolution in the design of smartwatch Apple since its introduction in 2014 and with refinements in the software executed in recent years, the Series 4 it becomes one of the most desired accessories for iPhone owners.

Even so, old questions remain: among those who are still not convinced of the usefulness or need for a Apple Watch, is that the version to persuade them? And for those who have already surrendered, is the update worth it?

Follow our review of Series 4 and draw your own conclusions.

Review: Apple Watch Series 4Apple Watch Series 4

Layout and Finishing

O Apple Watch we analyzed the version with 40mm box, GPS + Cellular and golden aluminum finish. O Series 4 the most attractive watch ever produced by Apple and definitely one of the smartwatches most elegant on the market.

The biggest novelty in terms of aesthetics is the OLED screen curved over the edges of the display creating the feeling that it extends across the entire display of the watch and blends perfectly with metal. The screen display area is 30% higher than the previous generation Apple Watch, which makes the smaller model more practical than in previous generations.

Good news though that the sizes of the Series 4 larger, the old bracelets continue to fit the new Apple Watches. The 38mm bracelets fit on the 40mm model and the 42mm bracelets on the 44mm model.

Although Apple calls the newest color in the Apple Watch Series 4 just “golden“, The tone is more similar to the Golden Rose (Rose Gold) used by the brand on iPhones and MacBooks rather than the most yellow gold available on first generation of Apple Watch. The model in matte aluminum, available in black, silver and gold, elegant and functional, but if you are willing to spend, it is worth checking out the beautiful stainless steel versions.

Review: Apple Watch Series 4 - Digital CrownDigital Crown and side button

In the past two years Apple has launched a special edition of Watch in ceramics, but this time chose not to release a version in that material. The models produced in partnership with Nike and the Herms brand, however, have been updated and are available as Series 4.

THE Digital Crown, the wheel used to navigate the clock menus, underwent a reengineering process, but the change is invisible to the user with two exceptions: in 4G models, the face is not completely painted red; there is only a discreet ring around the button and now the crown has a tactile response, small vibrations used as feedback to the user as it is rotated (similar to what Apple already does on iPhones with 3D Touch).

Golden Apple Watch Series 4 GPS + Cellular with stainless steel finishGolden Apple Watch Series 4 GPS + Cellular with stainless steel finish

A change from the layout of the Apple Watch Series 3 was the repositioning of the speakers. They were transferred to the left side of the device to facilitate the capture of audio by the microphone, which is on the right side. Although they are powerful and work very well on phone calls, Apple quite limits what can be played over the speakers; Apple Music and Podcasts, for example, only with headphones.

Apple also revamped the bottom of the watch, replacing the old metal finish with ceramic. The models with GPS already used this material, but from the Series 4 all Apple Watches will feature the coating. Appearance part, without a doubt the most impressive novelty was the inclusion of an electric cardiac sensor capable of executing electrocardiograms, in addition to the traditional optical sensor used to measure beats per minute.

watchOS 5

The new version of the OS Apple Watch, watchOS 5 brings some interesting news and is much faster, but makes few structural changes in the functioning of the system. WatchOS has gradually gained more independence from the Watch application on the iPhone (and the iPhone in general), but there is still a lot to evolve in this direction.

Perhaps the biggest change in watchOS 5 in terms of interaction with the watch is the ability to trigger the Crab just raising your wrist and reciting the command, without saying "And the, Siri" before, nor hold any buttons. Speaking of buttons, a note: a gesture-based interface, iPhone X, would also be very welcome on watchOS. Few will miss pressing the button on the Digital Crown to return to the display.