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Apple Watch Series 4 stands out and leverages sales of wearables

Pretend surprise: A new study by Counterpoint on the sale of smartwatches showed that the Apple Watch Series 4, released last September, was the top selling device last year. In addition to becoming the most popular, this model also contributed to leverage Ma's sales by 22%.

Counterpoint said the top five smart watch models accounted for 48% of total sales in 2018. And amazingly, of those, three were Apple Watches. In addition to the Series 4, Apple Watches Series 3 and Series 2 also made the bestseller list, plus Fitbit Versa and ( over there Apple Watch) Z3 by imoo.

Analyst Satyajit Sinha inferred that the Apple Watch Series 4 was by far the star of the year. With about 11.5 million units sold in 2018, the gadget contributed to Ma continuing to occupy the largest share of the global apparel market, with 37%.

As you can imagine, the reason for the success of the Apple Watch Series 4 lies precisely in the new health features of gadget, as Counterpoint explains:

We believe its success is due to its focus on health-related features such as the ECG and fall detection. Also, it talks a lot about how far Apple has come with Apple Watch as a significant health device.

Even so, the firm pointed out that the Cupertino giant's expressiveness in this market has been partially diminishing thanks to gadgets cheaper and with functions as advanced as Apple Watch, such as heart rate sensor and sleep monitoring.

Counterpoint Smartwatch Market Data

This slowdown may be responsible for reducing Apple's share of the smartwatch market by 1% by the end of the year. Nevertheless, Apple will definitely be well positioned if, like the Apple Watch Series 4, it launches even more news in the next generation of wearable this year.

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