Apple Watch Series 4 gets its first official photo; check out

Apple Watch Series 4 gets its first official photo; check out

New Apple Watch Series 4 arrives with a screen that takes much more advantage of the available front area.

The first image of Apple Watch Series 4 has just been revealed. And, to the surprise of many, the most new verse smartwatch Apple brings some interesting changes to its design.

Apple Watch Series 4 brings more screen and less borders

If the smartphone industry already follows the trend of increasingly eliminate the edges, it was expected that someday smartwatches would start following the same course. In case of Apple Watch Series 4, we will have a screen 15% higher, both in the smaller and the larger model. Check out the photo published exclusively on 9to5Mac:

Apple Watch Series 4 gets its first official photo; check outPhoto published by 9to5Mac reveals the look of the Apple Watch Series 4.

a positive side effect brought by the increase of the screen the ability to show more information on the main screen of Apple Watch. For comparison, take a look at our review of the Apple Watch Series 3. Despite this, as can be seen in the Image, we still haven't seen how Apple intends to use the full potential of the new screen.

Leaving the “screen” aspect a little, we can also notice that there was the inclusion of a new microphone just below the Digital Crown, which, like the side button, suffered changes in your look.

Apple Watch is increasingly useful

Apple Watch Series 4 gets its first official photo; check outOn the image: Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular.

Although we do not have access to the technical specifications of the new Apple Watch, it is possible to imagine that we will have a smartwatch yet more optimized than the previous generation. And this is a very curious point, since the Apple Watch Series 3 was responsible for a expressive performance leap in relation to the devices of the first generations.

Furthermore, since we will still have more screen space to work, this would not be the best opportunity to implement new functions and applications to the new toy from Apple? After all, we are increasingly less limited through tiny screens.

He looked forward to the Apple Watch Series 4? So, on the day September 12th, be sure to follow the social networks of Showmetech, since Apple should launch not only its newest smartwatch, but also new ones iPhones.

Source: 9to5Mac.

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