Apple Watch Series 4 ECG May Activate Outside US

In addition to the larger displays, another difference between Apple Watch Series 4 and its predecessors are, as we have already commented, the gadget's new sensors, capable of performing an electrocardiogram (ECG) and detecting when a drop occurs.

As soon as the gadget However, Apple has reported that the ECG will initially be made available in the United States only as the resource must be cleared by each country's regulatory agency before it is released. In the US, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released the use of Apple Watch Series 4 to perform the ECG.

Despite this bucket of cold water on the heads of many owners of the new Apple Watch, the Brazilian developer Guilherme Rambo found data in the feature-related iOS code that shows that its limitation will be based on the location of the iPhone and Apple Watch (from the system's "Language and Region" setting).

If the restriction is made exclusively by software, it will be much easier for users to "circumvent" the limitation and access the feature regardless of region; ie simply changing the region of the Apple Watch and the synced iPhone will perform the ECG outside the US.

To change the iPhone region, you'll need to access Settings General Language and Region Region. By changing this setting, the “Region Format” will also be modified for selected country information such as time, date, currency, etc.

Rambo emphasized that this represents only one possibility based on the analysis of an internal iOS code. Apple may change the feature's availability method before it is released to the public, which should happen later this year. We'll see

via 9to5Mac