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Apple Watch Series 4 ECG Feature May Stop Working Outside the US

We have news in iOS 12.2 beta 5 and unfortunately not so good.

As we know, the feature ECG, Apple Watch Series 4, has been released only in the United States for now. However, even if you are in another country, you can perform an electrocardiogram for the watch at a good time as long as the watch was purchased in the US. We explain everything about the feature in this video.

But Apple intends to change this behavior. At least what the last two beta versions of iOS 12.2 have indicated, as reported by Brazilian developer Guilherme Rambo. In an article for the 9to5MacRambo explained that the feature has always worked based on the place of purchase of the watch, it is only necessary to confirm your date of birth and follow the on-screen instructions to set up the ECG on Apple Watch.

A change in iOS 12.2 beta 4 that continues in the fifth test release, however, has added a new phrase in this configuration step that seems to make all the difference. It says: “During setup, your location will be used to make sure this feature is available in your region.” They then tried to set up an iPhone without a SIM card installed, but the following error message appeared: Could not confirm your location. Make sure your iPhone is not in Avio Mode and has a working SIM card to continue.

The question now is whether the resource asks for its location only at the time of ECG setup or if it checks at a certain frequency. Regardless of the scenario, it is bad news for Brazilian and Portuguese users.

In addition to this change, on iOS 12.2 Apple has decided to show important information on Adjustments About (and that is still a new way for the company to invoice a little extra): the warranty status of the device product.

The feature is still “off,” but it seems Apple intends to turn the key when iOS 12.2 is released to everyone by allowing people to buy an AppleCare (extended warranty) from this information without the need to. have the Apple Store app installed.

A few days ago, we commented on the possibility of Apple launching a US credit card in partnership with Goldman Sachs; In addition to the card, the Wallet app would also receive some news basically a new similar interface to the Activity app, in which users must complete the rings to achieve some financial goals.

Similar App Activity Wallet Interface

O 9to5Mac found evidence on iOS 12.2 beta 5 that corroborates such information. As we can see above, the interface has a mechanism that, besides displaying information to the user, has a control which allows numeric values ​​to be defined. Obviously, this interface and this control are still under construction and therefore unfinished.

Rambo also stated that some iOS components responsible for the AirPower loading interface have changed in this beta, suggesting that Apple is still working to get it all down. Is there still a chance of him being released at the March 25 event, as speculated? We'll see