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Apple Watch Series 4 detects fall of 80-year-old woman in Germany

Apple Watch was, more than once, the gadget which made a difference in the lives of some users who (literally) have been saved by it, as we have sometimes reported (1, 2, 3). How Apple Watch Series 4 This has only increased through the ECG app and the Fall Detection feature.

This time, emergency services from the city of Munich (Germany) were triggered by the locker room when an 80-year-old woman fell into her apartment, as reported by the German Fire Department.

Since Fall Detection was enabled on the older Apple Watch Series 4 (users under 65 must manually activate the feature in the Watch app), the watch could warn emergency services quickly after the fall. On answering the call, firefighters were alerted that a person had fallen and were informed of the coordinates of the accident.

The rescue team used the data provided by the vestible to identify the victim's address and an ambulance was sent to the scene. Apple Watch also alerted the old woman's son, whose phone number was registered as an emergency contact.

The elderly woman was examined by the paramedics and fortunately had no serious injuries.

As we said, Apple Watch has this life-saving reputation for precisely the number of health features that contribute daily to the lives of users. Fall Detection has already helped save another user's life last October in Norway.

via AppleInsider