Apple Watch “saves a boy’s life”; story impresses Tim Cook, who offers him an internship

Apple “explains” why Watch OS 1.0.1 no longer records heartbeat exactly every 10 minutes

Without a doubt the physical / health monitoring resources of the Apple Watch they are the highlight of the clock. Not surprisingly, ?Health and fitness? gained prominence in the menu on the product’s official page.

Of course, the first generation of the Apple Watch would not arrive complete, with a thousand and one sensors. But the future for this type of product can be really impressive. Have you ever imagined being alerted that the blood sugar rate is too high or that you will have a heart attack in a few minutes and that you need to see a hospital?

I honestly do not believe that this is so far away from happening. To tell the truth, something similar happened this week. Doubt? Then read the story below.

Heartbeat on Apple Watch and iPhone

Paul Houle Jr., a 17-year-old student, told WCBV that after finishing a football training session he started to feel some chest pains while breathing very hard. His heart rate, of course, was up there. He then decided to lie down for a nap. Upon waking up and taking a look at the Apple Watch, however, he noticed that his heart rate was still quite high (145bpm).

Obviously something was wrong. He then went to the hospital and learned that he had heart, liver and kidney failure.

If my Apple Watch hadn’t shown me that (my beat) was 145, I wouldn’t have done anything.

What would happen to the boy if he wasn?t using the Apple Watch? It is difficult to know, but without a doubt the experience could be fatal.

The story, of course, impressed his father, who did not want to see his son spending money on the Apple Watch thinking it was more bullshit. After all this (and even with a feeling of gratitude), he ran over to an Apple Retail Store and immediately bought two watches: one for him and one for his wife.

But the story didn’t just impress the Houle family. When I heard, Tim Cook she called the boy in person, offering him a new iPhone as a gift and still inviting him to intern at Apple next year.

Now imagine what you won’t be able to do with your Apple Watch in about five years

(via 9to5Mac)