Apple Watch sales are expected to increase 40% in 2019

Apple Watch sales are expected to increase 40% in 2019

Apple released its latest financial results last night, but in parallel to that, the UBS I was already thinking about the Ma market for the next year more specifically for the Apple Watch.

According to data from the investment bank, this year (considering this month and December) Ma sells about 24 million Apple Watches between the Series 1, 3 and 4 models. According to the firm's forecasts, next year, the watch market will expand by about 40% compared to 2018; that is, in 2019 Apple should sell 33.6 million watches including the next generation of gadget , equivalent to sales of more than 15 million iPhones.

The bank also suggested that the price increase for the Apple Watch Series 4 will stimulate sales of AppleCare + plans, as more customers want to secure their devices given the increase in the values ​​of gadgets. Overall, the growth in watch sales could represent an increase of approximately 5% in the Cupertino giant's revenue next year.

UBS also added in its report that consumer interest in the Apple Watch Series 4 is "significantly higher" in Japan and Hong Kong, while the relevance of the watch "slightly higher" in the United States, France and the United Kingdom. In addition, just over 50% of buyers surveyed said they would not buy smartwatches from other manufacturers, which means that the Apple Watch audience may grow even more in the future.

If sales of the device are expected to increase, who will suffer from this being the Swiss watch market, right? Not so much. A survey carried out by Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH) pointed out that, even with the growth in sales of the Apple Watch and the launch of the Series 4, sales of Swiss watches grew 5.5% in the last year as disclosed by the TechCrunch.

According to FH analysts, there is a certain “Halo effect” around the Apple Watch: of the millions of Ma consumers who bought the watch, most never used or thought about using one. Thus, after adhering to the use of the device, several users began to research and experiment with other more celebrated and traditional parts, leading to an increase in sales in 2015 that continues today. Interesting.

via 9to5Mac