Apple Watch Nike + hits the market, including in Brazil; check photos and first impressions

Apple Watch Nike + hits the market, including in Brazil; check photos and first impressions

As announced a few weeks ago, today, October 28, Friday is the day of the launch of the Apple Watch Series 2 in Brazil, but we already know a lot about it and even a full review came out here on the site. The cool thing that the date coincided with the “worldwide” launch of Apple Watch Nike +.

I'm in New York and I already got mine. As the photos above show, unboxing, his black box is very beautiful (in my opinion, it causes that sensation of a differentiated product even before opening). However, apart from the color, the Nike logo and the phrase “Designed for athletes by Apple and Nike” there in the envelope, its content is identical to that of any aluminum Apple Watch Series 2.

At least for now, companies are not selling these bracelets partly. In other words, whoever wants any of them needs to buy the Apple Watch Nike + as a whole, including the watch. The available models are space gray box with black bracelets /Volt or black / ice gray, and silver case with gray /Volt or gray / white. In Brazil, they cost R $ 2,999 in the 38mm version and R $ 3,149 in the 42mm version, which can be paid in installments up to 12x (view, there is a 10% discount).

I chose the black combination /Volt (a kind of fluorescent green) because it stands out well and is quite suitable for athletes, after all, these colors are just like that so you can be seen on the street and avoid accidents in terms of "fashion".

The Apple Watch Nike + setup process is the same as the rest, except for the screen that already recommends using Nike's integrated software:

Nike app recommended by Apple Watch Nike +

Speed ​​and perceptions of use are identical to any version of the Apple Watch Series 2. What's more are the unique dials of this version, like the ones below:

I used my new Apple Watch to run and swim. His degree of accuracy for indoor environments has greatly improved; I hope that the evolution of Nike's integrated software will follow that of the independent app.

Recalling that, whoever wants, can buy this special line both in online stores / physical Apple and Nike itself.

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