Apple Watch lost at sea is found 6 months later… and it still works!

Apple Watch lost at sea is found 6 months later… and it still works!

Stories involving Apple products that got lost at sea and were fully recovered some time later always pop up here and there, but that's different. Not by the way the product was lost, after all a Apple watch falling from the fist of a person on the beach catching a wave something that can happen. But who would have thought that six months after losing the clock, he would be recovered and still functioning in perfect condition?

Robert Bainter lost his Apple Watch in Huntington BeachRobert Bainter lost his Apple Watch in Huntington Beach.

Robert Bainter, who does not open his hand to a chest surf (bodysurfin English; or “alligator”, as we call it here in Rio de Janeiro), told his story to KTLA. For him, Apple Watch as an amulet besides, of course, he can follow cool information on how fast he can go on a wave or even exactly where he was riding the beach.

One day, however, when it caught a slightly bigger wave, Apple Watch could not resist and let go of its fist. He kept looking for the clock for over an hour but eventually gave up, activating Lost Mode and hoping for some to find it. Whenever he went to the beach, he had a feeling he would find the blessed one, but six months went by and nothing.

Until he got a call from an unknown number, he left the message: “Hey, if your name is Rob Bainter and you lost an Apple Watch recently, call me and if you can describe it, I'll give it back to you. you. ”

Robert Bainter's Apple Watch, properly recovered and functioningRobert Bainter's Apple Watch, properly recovered and working.

The caller found the watch while searching for shells about three miles north of where it was lost. Bainter had already bought a new Apple Watch, but was completely surprised to see that his old one was still working perfectly even though the saltwater had left the screen a little dim. “It worked well () all the information was there, all the applications were there,” he said.

Four years of life

It is worth noting that yesterday, April 24, Apple Watch completed four years of life.

Tim Cook Introducing First Generation Apple WatchTim Cook Introducing First Generation Apple Watch

The product was first introduced to the world on September 9, 2014, but only hit the market on April 24, 2015.

From then on, there were a lot of mistakes (like the Gold Edition which cost a fortune and was eventually discontinued by Apple), but also a lot of hits (such as the focus on health / fitness).

That the next four years of this little noteworthy surprise us even more, maybe Apple won't be able to pull an innovative glucose meter and other tricks that it must be preparing for the product in its hat!

Apple Watch Series 4 Gold

Apple Watch Series 4

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