Apple Watch launch in Brazil is imminent; prices will start at R $ 2,699 [atualizado]

Apple Watch launch in Brazil is imminent; prices will start at R $ 2,699 [atualizado]

At the end of last month, we published an extensive article with information and doubts about why the Apple Watch taking so long to get to Brazil. In fact, as we pointed out in that post, his international expansion as a whole is very slow; the whole month of August passed without him reaching any new country.

We are already heading towards the end of September and tomorrow (9/19) finally a new country will enter the cake, as we reported yesterday: the Belgium, with a beautiful new store. Besides it, the 9to5Mac says that from the 25th the Apple Watch can be found in stores of the operator Sprint in the USA and the competitor T-Mobile, although it did not specify a date, also join the wave. A number of other resellers in the countries where the watch has already been released will also start selling it soon, according to the MacRumors.

Here in the Brazil, as found MacMagazine, the launch of the Apple Watch is also imminent.

Apple Watch with the Brazilian flag

The training of employees of the two national Apple Retail Stores has been completed for a long time, and everything is ready for launch including demonstration material, display tables and the initial stock of the watch's sales.

This week, Apple Brazil also hit the mark on the readjusted price table for the entire evident line and unfortunately, with numbers well above what was forecast in April (from then on, the dollar went up more than 30%). The 38mm and 42mm versions of the Apple Watch Sport will cost, respectively, R $ 2,699 and R $ 2,999. The Apple Watch line, made of stainless steel, starts at R $ 3,899 / R $ 4,299. The most expensive Apple Watch Edition of all, the 38mm rose gold color with modern clasp bracelet, cost doctors R $ 110,000 (yes, one hundred and ten thousand reais). The prices of individual bracelets will range from R $ 329 (sports) to R $ 4,299 (links in black).

Some readers have warned us that, although the Watch main page on the Apple Brazil website still only indicates that it will be available in 2015, the new Herms collection page specifies available in October 2015. We believe that this was just a direct translation of the website American, but according to what we are hearing from October, it is not even past and there are chances to see the launch of the clock in our country taking place in the next 1-2 weeks.

Update · 09/19/2015 s 09:33

Last night, on the Apple Store app, they painted the official prices for Watches in Brazil. Strangely and surprisingly, they are bigger than the ones we have obtained with the exception of the sports bracelet, which really costs R $ 329.