Apple Watch helps woman save herself from sexual assault in Canada

THE Apple watch It was featured in another emergency case this time, but it wasn't medical: a woman in the city of Calgary, Canada, used her watch to contact her boyfriend after a man break into your apartment.

John Joseph Macindoe pleaded guilty in a Canadian city court last Tuesday on charges of breaking into the victim's apartment (whose judicially protected identity) with the intent to sexually assault her once the perpetrator has materials "clearly intended for rape", according to a CBC.

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Criminal who broke into a woman's house to try to veiolent her sexually. | Image:

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According to the news, the crime occurred on April 1; at the time the woman was sleeping, but was awakened by her dogs. Seeing a figure moving around her house, she immediately texted her boyfriend on Apple Watch; He, in turn, called the police immediately (after thinking, amazedly, that the victim was making some April Fools' joke).

Paralyzed by fear, she begged her boyfriend, by text message, to call the police. At first he thought she was making a joke on April 1st, but quickly realized the gravity of the situation and called the police.

Macindoe tried to escape when the police arrived at the victim's apartment. Investigators also said that the criminal had been planning the action for some time, as he had maps of the victim's building and access data to her apartment. Also found with him were the woman's underwear, purses, and other belongings, all recovered from the invader's house.

The investigators determined that they both knew each other but stated that they were not or were never involved in any kind of relationship. The attacker is in custody and the case will be tried soon.

Sometimes it is the most basic resources that can help people save themselves in emergencies.

via AppleInsider