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Apple Watch has sales growth compared to 2017, but loses market share

Overall, the Apple watch It's been fine, thanks just to see that Apple seems to have found the reason for being the watch as a health center glued to the user's body and consumers, in turn, are responding positively to this new, more "discreet" image of the accessory. . Just look at this latest report from Canalys to get the idea.

The analysis firm estimates (and are indeed estimates, as Ma does not disclose official Watch sales figures) that have been dispatched. 3.5 million units of the clock in the second quarter of 2018, which represents a 30% jump over the same period last year. In total, the segment including all types of wristwear such as fitness bands and the like had the second best quarter of its history, with 10 million units dispatched; The number was just below the nearly 14 million devices sold in the last quarter of last year.

Apple Watch Sales Second Quarter 2018, Canalys

Canalys said Apple's jump in sales was mainly due to Apple's largest presence in Asian markets and the popularity of the Apple Watch LTE model there. In Asia as a whole (excluding China), 60% of Apple Watch's 250,000 units sold were models with cellular connectivity, a figure above the world average.

Despite the good news, it is worth noting that Ma competitors in the segment, such as Fitbit and Garmin, had even higher sales because of this, Apple's market share decreased among wrist wearables, from 43% in the first quarter to 34% in the most recent period. Canalys said the competition is getting very good:

Apple faces a growing threat from consumers, who have begun to surpass the 1 million sales mark per quarter. Vendors are trying to differentiate their products with advanced heart metric metrics or smart training and monitoring, and consumers now have a much wider range of smartwatches to choose from than last year. With the potential competition from Samsung and Google, which may launch Galaxy and Pixel watches, Apple needs to figure out how to drive upgrades (new sales to existing users) in markets like the US, where its penetration of the iPhone user base has begun. to stabilize.

We now have to wait for two things: the first is Apple's financial results conference, which will be held next week and may shed some more light on Watch's current situation. The second, of course, is the long-awaited update on watches, which is expected to arrive later this year, with larger screens and more discreet edges. Will the game be more favorable to Cupertino?

via 9to5Mac