Apple Watch fall detection helps rescue cyclist run over

Apple Watch Series 5

From time to time, we bring here stories of people who were helped (or even saved) by the health resources of the Apple Watch.

One of these features, introduced in the Series 4 model of the watch, is the drop detection – an extremely useful tool (as we show in this video) for cases of domestic accidents, especially among elderly people or people with disabilities.

Because recently the resource helped save another life: that of William Bout, French designer residing in San Francisco (California, USA).

Bout was pedaling on his electric bicycle through the city streets when he was hit by a car and fell to the ground, unconscious; the driver of the vehicle has fled (this information is not confirmed, only assumed according to the following events).

In such cases, the quickest possible assistance is crucial to the person’s recovery process; as Bout was unconscious, he would depend on someone else who was passing by and called the emergency, which could take some time.

Fortunately, none of this was necessary: ​​who called for help for the designer was the Apple Watch on his fist.

I was hit by a car on the way to work this morning.

I don’t remember much, but my Apple Watch called emergency services automatically (I was unconscious) and the paramedics reached me in minutes.

Technology really is an incredible thing sometimes.

The fall detection feature automatically went into action when it realized that Bout was lying on the floor; as the designer did not respond to the notification on the watch stating that everything was fine, the Watch contacted emergency services automatically, giving rescuers the location of the injured person.

Within minutes, paramedics came to the rescue of Bout, who is in the hospital recovering and is doing well.

It is worth noting that the drop detection feature is only activated by default if the Apple Watch user is over 65 years old; anyone under that age, however, can activate the tool manually through the Watch app on the iPhone.

Important, isn’t it?

via iPhone Hacks