Apple Watch deve ganhar funções de rastreamento do sono em breve

Apple Watch expected to gain sleep tracking functions soon

THE Apple is working on a sleep tracking function for the Apple watch, a function that should arrive soon and that will not require any special hardware to function. The new feature is expected to be announced next week next to the new iPhones event. The company is also expected to release a version of Apple Watch with titanium and ceramic body options.

It was expected that Apple would bring some sleep tracking function to Apple Watch after the company acquired the company. Beddit, monitor manufacturer Sleep Monitor is responsible for developing the app of the monitor.

According to sources linked to Apple, the new feature for the company's wearable is codenamed "Burrito", but in fact it is called" Bed Time Tracking ", which obviously will work when the user is using the smartwatch while sleeping. The proposal, while sleeping, to track the user's sleep quality using their sensors and inputs, including movement, heart rate, and noise (such as the famous snore.) After performing this analysis, the user's sleep quality data will be made available in the app. Health and a new Sleep app for Apple Watch.


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Another feature that will arrive in Apple Watch is that if the user sleeps with the wearable and wakes up before the alarm clock, the watch will turn off the alarm automatically. The alarm will also be enabled only on Apple Watch, using iPhone as a backup. There is also the option to use the alarm in vibrate mode (vibrating silent on Apple Watch). The user can also automatically enable the "Do Not Disturb" option, as usual, when the user goes to sleep.

We still don't know if the new sleep tracking mode will only come for a new Apple Watch model (which may be announced on September 10th along with iPhones) or if the feature can be installed on other versions of the wearable through updates. Anyway, let's wait until the 10th to check out the news from Apple.

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