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Apple Watch ECG Feature Won't Arrive in Brazil Any Soon

One of the big news of Apple Watch Series 4 was undoubtedly the ability to perform an electrocardiogram directly from your wrist. Once the smartwatch was released, however, the ECG it was only available on watches purchased in the United States. This is because, as we have explained a few times, the resource needs to be approved by the regulatory agencies of each country (FDA in the USA, Anvisa here in Brazil, etc.) to be released as the American company, in its homeland all the more “easy”. .

Recently, with the arrival of iOS 12.2 and watchOS 5.2, they painted more ECG-related news. The first of these was the expansion of the resource to several European countries (including Portugal) and Hong Kong. The second has to do with how the ECG works itself: Before, it was enough to buy Apple Watch in a released country to make it work; Now, in addition to checking where the clock is coming from, the system checks your location at the time of setup to see if you are in one of these countries (if not, nothing done).

Bottom line: If you live in Brazil, you basically have no way to use the Apple Watch Series 4 ECG (unless you buy the watch in one of the already supported countries and enable the feature before you travel back). And the sea of ​​bad news does not stop it.

In contact with the National Health Surveillance Agency, the found that Apple still didn't even make the request of ECG regularization here in Brazil. In addition, we were informed that after the request, the approval process (if all is correct, which should be the case as the Apple Watch Series 4 ECG has been released in more than 20 countries) takes time about three months.

Conclusion: Don't wait for the feature coming to Brazil before WWDC19 (in June), when Apple introduces iOS 13 to the world. This way, the chances of seeing the ECG coming to us still on watchOS 5 diminishes after all, probably May the company take advantage of the release of iOS 13 and watchOS 6 to make a new expansion.

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