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Apple Watch could gain sleep monitoring by 2020

Finally, my friends! Finally. Mark Gurman (from Bloomberg), which has great sources inside Apple, said the company is testing features of sleep monitoring at the Apple watch. The bad part? Although testing has been going on for a few months, Gurman said that if everything goes as planned and the feature works as expected, the company will implement sleep monitoring ?only? by 2020.

AutoSleep app, one of the App Store's most famous for sleep monitoringAutoSleep app, one of the App Store's most famous for sleep monitoring

I say ?bad? because, as it works today, we know that Apple Watch can already perform sleep monitoring in a good way there are dozens, hundreds of third-party apps available (like AutoSleep, above) opening just that gap that Apple does not. still filled. And with the increasingly healthy view, it is amazing to think that we are in the fourth generation of the watch and that the company has not yet implemented such a feature.

Of course, Apple may use new sensors for such monitoring, but it seems that the biggest problem in technology is not a specific sensor to keep up with users' sleep, but the clock's battery bottleneck, which currently lasts no more than two days. Using the night watch to monitor sleep would make this scenario even worse. So for this to work satisfactorily, I need the Apple Watch battery to get some good improvements, I imagine.

It is also worth noting that in 2017 Apple acquired the startup Beddit, which specializes in sleep monitoring Ma still sells a dedicated function hardware, as we recently commented here on the site.

The Sade app itself (Health) has a dedicated sleep analysis part since its release in 2014. Currently, this bedtime data is provided by the iPhone's Bedtime feature, not to mention, of course, the ability to capture such data. with third party apps.

As sales of iPhones plummet, products like Apple Watch are becoming increasingly important to Ma. And since Fitbit (one of Apple's main competitors in this segment) includes such a feature in many of its products, it's past time. to have this monitoring on Apple Watches!

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