Apple Watch calls emergency service, saving man who fell and fell unconscious

Turn and move, we comment on cases where Apple devices helped save lives. The Apple Watch, being a product very focused on health, has interesting features focused on this aspect, such as ECG, irregular rhythm notifications and low / high heart rate monitoring.

One that few remember, however, is the drop detection, introduced with the Apple Watch Series 4.

Upon activating the feature, the Apple Watch detects if the person has suffered a severe fall and, if they do not interact with the watch, automatically calls the local emergency service. And that is exactly what happened on April 23, when the device basically saved the life of a person in Phoenix (Arizona, United States) – as reported by

Apple Watch Series 4 Fall Detection

On that day, the Chandler Police Department Communications Center received an automatic call informing someone that they had fallen and were unconscious, also passing on the exact location (latitude and longitude) of where the person was. Firefighters were then dispatched to the scene and found the man passed out.

“He could never give us his location or any information about what was going on,” said dispatch supervisor Adriana Cacciola. “He didn’t even know we were going to help until he saw we were there.”

Technology is there to help, especially if there is an emergency that could save someone’s life, and that’s what we’re doing – it’s helping when you can’t tell us what you need.

Amazing how technology can help us, isn’t it? This is just one of many happy ending stories involving health features on the Apple Watch. For those interested, find out how to activate the feature here.

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