Apple Watch app lets you control Spotify music on iPhone

A long time ago we talked about the app Snowy Spottywhich would take the Spotify to Apple watch This is much awaited by watch users who subscribe to the music service since today there is no way for you to transfer music to the device.

Shortly after showing the project to the world, the developer responsible for the app said it would be incorporated by Spotify, which unfortunately never happened. Rumors that the service's native app would be released for watchOS circulated in WWDC18, but none of this materialized.

After this string of bad news, here's a good one! Not yet that much awaited news (one that allows you, for example, to synchronize music with Watch to listen to them offline). Still, something positive.

Sorry, app not found.

With the free app launch Watchify (which was created using the iOS service SDK), you can now choose music and playlists Spotify's watch. Yes, they still play on iPhone so it makes sense to use headphones connected to your smartphone to get the most out of the experience.

With the app you can pause, play and skip songs from Spotify, except for Watch. This is very good for those who, for example, run or do some other physical activity with the watch on their wrist and the iPhone in an armband, fanny pack, pocket or some other place where access is not that simple. Control everything by the wrist, no doubt, something much more attractive.

Here is the expectation for the official release of the Spotify app for watchOS, whereby it would be possible to transfer music from the service to the clock and listen to everything without the dependence of the iPhone. That day is yet to come! 🙏🏼

tip of Igor Flores