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Apple Watch 4: what international reviews say

Stealing the show: international reviews guarantee that the Apple Watch 4 will be more popular than the new iPhones

A little less than a week ago, Apple announced three new iPhone devices among other products in its new catalog, which generated a growing buzz that the star of the day is actually the company's smartwatch. Obfuscating competition, the Series 4, or better, the Apple Watch 4,will be on sale from September 21st, and has already had its first reviews released by the international press, and here at Showmetech too. The opinion was unanimous: everyone was excited. But the premise is not new.

An amazing watch

If there is something that the smartwatch Apple has done with each release, overcome it. Although it was released with great enthusiasm four years ago, the first version of the Apple Watch failed to show what it came from. Offering little news, the device was soon overshadowed by the other options offered by the company.

Aware of this, Apple applied what it learned, doing what the brand knows how to do best: it listened, improved and refined. And the result of all this, it sounds cliché: the company has defined the purpose of the Apple Watch. It gave the device that “factor X" that made it irresistible and indispensable, transforming it into what Apple wanted: an item of desire.

Apple Watch: the welfare proposal

The newest function of the smartwatch is the electrocardiogram.

O Apple Watch 4 finally found its audience by combining the best of both worlds. The watch proposes an intelligent partnership between the fitness and digital world. The fourth verse promises to go further. It's not exactly an arm computer, but the news expands its well-known functions a lot. The biggest highlight, without a doubt, goes to the polemical function of electrocardiogram.

With the launch of international reviews about it, we have compiled the first impressions over the wearable (definition for wearable technological devices), their advantages and disadvantages, and even the risky ones forecasts for the future of the smartwatch that promises to revolutionize the market.

“The new Apple Watch may be one of the launches most significant in the sector of gadgets in years ”. For general functions, he states:The screen goes from one corner to another, making apps take up more space on the face of the watch. That wider display makes everything on the device look better, including texts.

Comparing the ECG function with that performed in a specialized clinic, he concluded: “I do not recommend it to most people, as it is nothing more than a simplistic device ”.

“The functions aimed at health and fitness of the new smartwatch only allies powerful for general well-being. That's because personalized notifications have elevated the Apple Watch Series 4 from an investment-worthy health accessory to a sleek, beautiful device that can truly save your life. ”

The smartwatch's ECG falls short when compared to an electrocardiogram.

“Larger screen, drop sensor and electrocardiogram function are the reasons that make us believe that the time has come to we update. ”

“Cohesive, ambitious and can encourage you to rethink your habits for the best. If you haven't given Apple Watch a chance yet because you were waiting for the right moment, this is the time. Go ahead. ”

“The two new screen sizes are 40mm and 44mm, but they don't feel like they are much larger than the old sizes. I had been using the 42mm Apple Watch 3 and this new one is a little bit bigger, but also thinner. For me, the feeling is the same. I think it is worth changing size for thickness. I think people who prefer the smaller size will find the same, but I recommend going to an Apple Store and trying one out before you buy. ”

Men’s Health magazine, in its United States edition, prepared a special article on gadgwt. For the review, they had the stellar opinion of Jon Hamm, Mad Men star and technology enthusiast who gives his verdict: "Talking only about the size of the device, the Apple Watch bigger and thinner, if that makes sense," he says. “Not so sturdy or bulky on your wrist. The screen is bigger, so if you have fat fingers like me, you can lose those little buttons and everything works fine. ”, He adds.

The news may not justify the price increase when compared to its successors.

“The Series 4 is not the type of upgrade that justifies such a difference in prices compared to the previous generation, especially considering the initial prices of US $ 399 and US $ 499 for the standard and LTE models, respectively. But there is certainly enough here to keep the Apple Watch at the top of the market. The addition of health-oriented functions, such as the ECG and the drop sensor, determines the standard that the device – and the category – will become from now on. ”

"Apple has also introduced a new eye-catching color, golden in stainless steel, which matches perfectly with the new iPhone XS, for those who like to combine their accessories."

Smarwatch draws attention for its design

“Another change to be appreciated is the battery overtime. The Apple Watch 4 now holds up to six hours in outdoor exercise mode so the watch is very useful for marathons and long runs. Of course, if you are listening to music over the Bluetooth connection or transmitting data over 4G, the battery will last less. But even in these two situations, the new Apple Watch will last an entire hour longer than its predecessor under the same conditions ”.

“The design is simply beautiful and the screen vivid with its narrow, curved tips. The noticeable improvement in performance at all levels and the ECG functions and the drop sensor are extremely welcome. If you refrained from buying an Apple Watch because you thought it wasn't there yet, now. ”

“The ease of the cell phone, the need for a heart rate monitor and the numerous fitness functions – these are the areas that will leave your rivals in the dust.Add Apple Pay, SOS, drop sensor, frequency alerts cardiac – it's amazing to think that the Apple Watch Series 4 will undoubtedly save at least one person's life. ”

“Apple has managed to define what a modern smartwatch. Instead of a device designed to replace your smartphone, the Series 4 is a companion that features functions with your health in mind, alerting you with easily accessible notifications on your wrist. ”

The Series 4 can revolutionize the way we see smartwatches.

“I am obsessed with heart rate resources, the ECG. I was already using my Apple Watch to check my frequency during exercise, and I love that the Series 4 sends me a notification if my heart rate is low. ”

"It is absolutely amazing what Apple managed to do in a few years with a gadget that you wear on your wrist."

The Apple Watch Series 4 once again confirms Apple's dominance in the smartwatch sector with its sleek design, health-oriented features that are truly useful and excellent overall performance.

And you? What did you think of the new Apple Watch 4? Leave your comment!