Apple warns Macbook users that plugging the webcam could damage the screen

Apple warns Macbook users that plugging the webcam could damage the screen

Understand why Apple warns Macbook users not to use anything to plug the computer’s webcam. No, it is not to spy on your life.

Many have the habit of covering the webcam of their notebooks with a tape or a window frame to open and close when they need to transmit some content with video. This is because there is a fear of personal information being shared without the user’s due knowledge through malicious apps or hackers. However, according to Apple, this practice can damage the screen of Macbooks, understand why below.

According to Apple, when forgetting the «protection» (tape, metal plate, structure to close and open), screens with thin edges can suffer extra pressure on the display and damage it. This can cause permanent damage, such as defective pixel lines from top to bottom on the screen.

Apple repair technician observed an increase in the number of screens problematic

According to the ZDNet website, which interviewed an Apple repair technician, the company was said to have recently seen an increase in the number of broken screens due to the protection placed over the Macbook’s webcam lenses. According to the technician, most people use adhesive tape or a thin sticker to cover the webcam, but anything thicker than 2mm or 3mm can already cause problems on the screen of the «apple» notebook.

Apple says green light lights to acknowledge when the webcam is on

Apple said that the webcams installed on Macbooks are designed so that, whenever they are in use, a green light will light up on the side so that the user can be sure that it is on or off. However, it is known that it is technically possible to prevent this light from turning on while the webcam is being used.

Do you use anything to cover your notebook’s webcam? If so, have you ever had problems with the screen of your mobile device? Comment below and share your opinion with us!