Apple warns consumers of the dangers of counterfeit chargers and accessories

Apple warns consumers of the dangers of counterfeit chargers and accessories

The problem of fake cables, chargers and accessories for Apple devices seems to be taking on ever greater proportions, with Apple filing lawsuits against companies that manufacture these traps and tests proving that 99% of them * do not * pass basic security tests. Now, to try to shed more light on the issue, Apple itself has updated the support page of its official website to warn of the dangers of counterfeit accessories.

The statement is not yet available on the website in Brazilian Portuguese – although it should, since the problem also has a huge presence here; just arrive at any electronics store around the corner. Anyway, the text included in the American page reads like this:

Beware of counterfeit parts

Some counterfeit or third-party power accessories and batteries may not be designed properly and are at risk of resulting in safety problems.

To ensure that you receive a genuine Apple battery during battery replacement service, we recommend that you visit an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Center. If you need a new adapter to charge your Apple device, we recommend purchasing Apple’s own chargers.

Strange that Apple did not comment on chargers from partner companies participating in the MFi Program.

It remains to be seen now if Apple also intends to lower the prices of its own accessories and parts to make counterfeits less inviting to consumers. Especially in Brazilian lands, where most of us already need to owe the pants to buy a new Mac and cannot afford to spend almost R $ 600 on an adapter.

[via MacRumors]