Apple wireless charging patent

Apple wants to turn Macs and iPads into wireless chargers for iPhones, AirPods and more

Before the launch of the iPhones, 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, it was almost certain that these devices would come with a feature already present in some high-end Androids: reverse / bilateral loading (that is, the possibility for you to use the device itself to recharge accessories, such as AirPods, or other devices such as Apple Watch and iPhones).

IPhones were launched and… none of that feature. But the idea, apparently, is still very present in Cupertino. However, anyone who thinks that something like this is restricted to the smartphone is mistaken. In fact, the original idea is quite “old”, since Apple applied for a patent registration covering the appeal in 2015; later, in 2018.

Last December, the company sent to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (United States Patent and Trademark Office, or USPTO) an update of an order for that same 2018 patent.

Apple wireless charging patent

Number, the invention covers “inductive charging between electronic devices”, with a very simple proposal: incorporating wireless chargers in many products, allowing, for example, a MacBook Air / Pro to recharge an Apple Watch without the need for a cable, or that an iPad reload an iPhone.

Apple wireless charging patent

This does not mean that something like this will hit the market in 2020 or even in 2021. In many cases, such inventions are registered only to guarantee the idea and the use of a possible new technology, without necessarily being implemented in any product. But in many cases, we actually see the idea being put into practice – let this be another example like that! ?

via Cult of Mac