Apple wants to “slim down” devices

The weight of the iPad is one of the characteristics sometimes pointed out as negative in the tablet from Apple. But the company may be preparing to solve the problem. The manufacturer has applied for a patent that, according to the latest rumors, is mainly intended to make the device lighter and thinner.

The possibility is advanced today by several specialized means, based on a registration with the date of yesterday, where Apple presents a solution that combines several layers of plastic reinforced with carbon fiber. (CFRP).

The iPad currently takes advantage of an aluminum-based structure, similar to other models of notebook computers of the brand, weighing around 700 grams – which some consider excessive in this type of equipment, where mobility is decisive. The new solution would make it possible to “slim down” the device, ensuring its resistance.

Although the brand’s tablet is not expressly mentioned, speaking only of “devices”, the application for registration of the patent is accompanied by images, to present the concept, which refer to the use of the material in equipment similar to the iPad, highlights the Register, which provides two images of Apple’s proposal – reproduced below.

image displayed with registration
image displayed with registration

Editor’s Note: The news was corrected in reference to the material to be used by Apple.