Apple wants to put 3D sensors on future AR headsets / glasses, iPads and iPhones

Apple wants to put 3D sensors on future AR headsets / glasses, iPads and iPhones

Earlier today, we published information about possible releases (a headset Augmented Reality and an Apple Glass) from Ma to 2022 and 2023, shared by the The information. Now, Mark Gurman (from Bloomberg) came to complement this information with more news.

According to the boy (who has great sources inside the company), Apple really has plans to launch a augmented reality / virtual device focused (with a lot of focus on games, videos and virtual meetings) in 2022; time later the idea would be to launch the rumored glasses.

Still according to him, the company's plan was originally to have the technology ready in 2019 to be launched by 2020, but it recently decided to postpone those plans.

All of these releases revolve around a new 3D sensor systemwhich has been in development for years. This is a more advanced version of Face ID that we know so much about.

And when we say "releases", we are not just referring to this headset and possible glasses (known as “Apple Glass”): As early as 2020, Apple wants to launch a new iPad Pro that features a new camera module made up of two sensors. In addition to the cameras, the tablet would also have a 3D system, allowing people to create three-dimensional reconstructions of rooms, objects and even people. The idea would be to put this sensor also on the 2020 iPhones, which have everything to come with support for 5G networks.

Engineers working directly with the iPad and iPhone have already begun to optimize applications and software features for a new operating system called “rOS” internally, which allows today's devices to work with future ones. headsets and glasses.

Currently, according to Gurman, there are about 1,000 engineers working on Apple's AR and VR initiatives, all led by the vice president. Mike Rockwell. This multidisciplinary team is part of Apple's hardware engineering division, but has its own leadership with executives who have worked on projects involving games, iPhones, software and production. The team also features former NASA engineers, former game developers and graphics experts, and is located in an undefined area of ​​Sunnyvale (just minutes from Apple's Cupertino headquarters).

The headsets and glasses, when released, will be part of Apple's "Wearable" category, which simply keeps growing and breaking records due to the success of Apple Watch, AirPods and headphones, Apple's subsidiary.