Apple wants to make the iPhone a central repository with all the person’s medical data

Apple wants to make the iPhone a central repository with all the person's medical data

For some years now Apple has plunged headlong into human health-related investments in its products.

IOS today has the app Sade (Health), which is the interface through which users have access to all their data captured by iPhone / iPad and Apple Watch. On the developers side, frameworks like the HealthKit, O CareKit it’s the ResearchKit make it possible to create apps and carry out studies / research in a very fast and precise way.

But Apple wants to go further. According to a report by CNBC, the company’s idea make the iPhone a central repository with all the medical data of the person. To this end, she has been talking with developers, hospitals, clinics and other industry members about how to gather clinical data including laboratory test results, allergy lists, consultations, prescriptions, etc. on the smartphone.

And Apple is not alone in the endeavor. She has worked specifically with ?The Argonaut Project?, an initiative that promotes the adoption of open standards for health information, and with ?The Carin Alliance?, an organization that strives to give patients a central power in controlling their medical information. Bud Tribble, Apple’s vice president of software technology, who would be leading these conversations.

In general, it is working to expand and make the ecosystem that already exists today more important. In practice, the idea is that doctors can pull out their iPhone / iPad, obtain proper authorization from the patient and, automatically and instantly, the relevant historical medical data appear on your screen.

Apple has already bought some companies in the industry (such as Gliimpse and Beddit), but the CNBC d scope for further future related acquisitions.