Apple wants to launch an “Apple Pay” credit card with Goldman Sachs; in Brazil, there are conversations with Itaú

Apple wants to launch an "Apple Pay" credit card with Goldman Sachs; in Brazil, there are conversations with Itaú

According to sources Wall Street Journal, Apple would be sewing an agreement with the American investment bank Goldman Sachs to launch a new credit card until early 2019. According to the newspaper, the card would carry the brand Apple Pay and the bank could also release loans (in its own stores) to consumers on Apple purchases, all in the United States, of course.

Apple and Goldman Sachs are preparing to launch a new joint credit card, a move that would intensify the technology giant’s share in their customers’ portfolios. The partnership will be extended to other services, such as offering loans for purchases of iPhones and other gadgets in Apple stores.

Both companies continue to discuss the terms and benefits of the possible credit card, including other benefits for customers, according to the sources.

The contact between the two companies in today; last February, Apple approached the bank to think of ways to make buying certain products easier. Logically, it is a positive two-way agreement, as Goldman Sachs seeks to expand its loan service.

According to the newspaper, Apple would be paying even more attention to its growing service business, of which Apple Pay is a part. According to the results of a survey based on the adoption of Apple’s payment service by the Loup Ventures group, about 13% of iPhone users in the world said they had enabled Apple Pay.

Currently, Ma receives 0.15% tax on purchases made by Apple Pay on mobile devices, regardless of the credit card used. According to a source iClarified, the company could double the profits from that fee if cards with the company’s digital service brand were used.

Apple products

With the new partnership, Apple would close the work cycle with Barclays, a company with which it already has a card that has a special reward program. As it is today, purchases made with Barclays Visa card generate 3 points for every US $ 1 spent at Apple stores; 2 points for every $ 1 spent on restaurants and 1 for every $ 1 spent on other purchases. From 2,500 points, the user can purchase a $ 25 gift card from the App Store or iTunes.

It is possible that Apple will continue with the same reward program on the alleged card with Goldman Sachs, however, we know that changes may come around.

Plans for Brazil

According to a source from , Apple and Banco Ita they would be talking about expanding the current partnership that exists between companies.

Today, Ita has the exclusivity of Apple Pay in Brazil (from what we hear, for a period of 90 days). The idea, according to the information we received, is to launch a credit card similar to the one that exists in the USA, offering discounts, offers and exclusive financing conditions for customers who have the card.

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