Apple wants to further expand its line of audio accessories with new AirPods, circum-aural headphones and a new HomePod

The always well informed Mark Gurman, gives Bloomberg, today shared some information about possible new headsets and a future device in the HomePod line. And if you are interested in the subject, you will like the news!

New AirPods

The new generation of AirPods would have an interesting feature and that, despite being present in some small / wireless competing headphones, is more common in circumaural headphones. I speak of the desired noise cancellation. In addition, Ma's small wireless headphones would also gain water resistance capabilities (even though the current ones are already quite resistant, as we have already seen) which is quite different from being waterproof, so don't expect to be able to swim with them, as possible with Bragi's headphones.

AirPower charging base with iPhone X Plus, Apple Watch Series 3 and AirPods

To complete the news of the future AirPods that should come with a wireless charging case for AirPower, Apple would be planning to improve the range of their operation when away from iPhones / iPads. Such a model is expected to hit the market in 2019 and, according to Gurman, cost more than the current US $ 160 (here in Brazil, R $ 1,400) being offered as a new product in the line and not a substitute for the first generation model.

Yes, Apple would be planning an update for the current generation, but it would be limited to a new chip and support for "E a, Siri" (you would not need to touch the headphones to talk to the virtual assistant).



in Apple

Price view: R $ 1,259.10Installed price: in at 12x R $ 116,58Feature: wireless headphonesRelease: December 2016

Boto - Buy now

On future models, Apple is interested and has discussed internally the possibility of including biometric sensors (such as, for example, to detect heart rate) in order to expand its health-related hardware beyond the Apple Watch, but apparently we will not see any of this. for now.

New headphones

Concept of the new Apple headphonesConcept of the new Apple headphones

Apple wants to hit the front even more with the bigger models of Bose and Sennheiser. And for that, as we said, she plans to launch a phone premium with its own brand instead of betting on a new Beats product the idea is to offer something more sophisticated / differentiated. The original plan was to launch such headsets in late 2018, but as the company faced development challenges, now that launch deadline has already jumped to 2019.

Apple would likely work with Tymphany, a subsidiary of Primax Electronics that manufactures audio systems for home and business consumers. But as production has not yet started, everything is still at the stage of the agreements.

New HomePod

Without giving too many details, Gurman also talked about a new HomePod that Apple would be planning to launch in 2019. And that was it, without going into details about what differentiators would come in this new device if it would be an evaluation of the current model or if it would be a new model that would complement the line.

HomePod 2 concept by Martin HajekConcept of a possible new line of HomePods, by Martin Hajek

In addition, he commented that the production of the current smart speaker from Apple started only with Inventec, but that today Foxconn also joined in the play and that this future model could be 100% produced by Foxconn. Apple people have even met with Inventec executives in California, but a final decision on who will be responsible for making the device has yet to be made.

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The idea of ​​Apple, as we know, is to expand its line of audio accessories due to the importance of this segment. To give you an idea, in Apple's last fiscal year, such products (which fall under the “Other” category) generated sales of $ 12.9 billion, which helps to cushion the slowdown in sales of iPhones.

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